Jocelyn McDonald

Wild Women TAke The north 2022

A trip I will never forget. A 7-day backpacking adventure into Wokkpash Lake, Northern British Columbia. I’ve been guiding in the area for 6 years now and it never fails to send me on an adventure of a lifetime every time…


A weekend for the books. It was exactly what we all needed. We climbed, we laughed, we cleared. The ladies were all amazing, weather held up to enjoy that much needed sun, the food was delicious and the signs were everywhere that we needed to see and hear.  A huge thank you to Laura Deschipper …


The Delivery..

A scar that is going to the grave with me that I will carry forever. I have cried over this scar because of what a story it carries. We all have scars but this one gets me. My beautiful son is here.   Tears of joy. Of courage. Of loss. Of resentment. Of shame. Of …

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