Mayfield Horse Camp Packing List



_____ Fleece/pile/wool sweater or pullover

_____ Down Jacket or equivalent

_____ Long underwear top

_____ T-shirts (2 or up to you)

_____ 1 Short sleeved shirt

_____ 3 Long sleeved shirts (1 wool, 1 synthetic material like polyester or polypropylene, 1 cotton, is a good mix)


_____ 1 Long underwear bottom

_____ 1 Durable wool or synthetic long pants suitable for use as an outer layer

_____ 1 Jeans or equivalent

_____ 1 Light pants

_____ 1 Pair of Shorts (nylon or cotton)

_____ Underwear as required Raingear

_____ 1 Fully waterproof rubber rain jacket and pants (not a poncho as these are inadequate for mountain riding)

_____ *1 Fully waterproof rain hat (cowboy hat rain cover works well) *optional

_____ 1 pair waterproof gloves/mitts (Gander Brand makes good ones)

_____ 1 pair rubber Boots e.g., Muck Boots (these are important)


_____ Hiking boots, waterproofed and broken in, *preferably without large lugs that could easily catch in a stirrup (*not applicable to those on wilderness retreats)

_____ Camp shoes

_____ Lighter liner socks (min. 3 pairs)

_____ Wool socks, thick (min. 3 pairs) 2 Head and Hands

_____ Sun hat or baseball cap

_____ Wool/fleece stocking hat

_____ Neckerchief or neck warmer

_____ Wool/fleece mittens or warm wool/fleece gloves

_____ *Leather riding gloves (*not applicable for those on wilderness retreats)


_____ Light backpack for day hikes

_____ Tent

_____ Sleeping bag (rated to -10 to -15 C for June-July and -20C for fall trips, remember the official rating temperature is that point at which you become a victim of hypothermia. Zip-together bags are a cozy option for couples!)

_____ Sleeping bag liner

_____ Insulating pad (Therma-rest or closed-cell foam)

_____Headlamp and headlamp batteries

_____ 1 litre water bottle

_____ Small thermos for those coffee or tea lovers out there

_____ Binoculars

_____ Camera and additional batteries

_____ A Leatherman or plyers multi-tool is not essential, but can be Very handy

_____ Lighter for starting fire

_____ Power pack and charging cord


_____ Glasses or contacts as needed

_____ Personal hygiene products

_____ Lip balm with sunscreen

_____ Emergency whistle

_____ Insect repellent if you use it

_____ Snacks/Munchies you can’t do without

_____ Toothbrush and toothpaste

_____ Any necessary medication

_____ Wet wipes MK Adventures supplies all cooking equipment, mugs, dishes (no need to bring extra dishes or silverware).

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