Heart of the MacDonald ~ Aug 5-8, 2022

Heart of the MacDonald – Stone Mountain Provincial Park – BEGINNER FRIENDLY

The Muskwa Kechika is a vast wilderness area comprised of 6.4 million hectares filled with immense boreal forests, unnamed mountain peaks and fast-moving rivers, all of which extend for hundreds of kilometres in any direction. Join us as we head deep into the heart of the wilds on a 4-backpacking trip.

The trip will begin at the MacDonald Valley Trailhead at kilometre 632 of the Alaska Highway in Stone Mountain Provincial Park. This trip will test you, challenge you and more importantly change you. Becoming completely self-sufficient, relying on nothing but our own legs and what we can carry on our backs, we women will complete a trek that instills a new sense of outlook on what we are capable of. As such, a trip like this is taken very seriously by Northern Rockies Fitness and safety is of the utmost importance.

A distance (approximately 20-30 kilometres) will be covered on foot and will require participants to carry a heavy pack with all of the equipment, gear and food for a 4-day trip into the Rockies. Steep inclines will be encountered, as well as river crossings on foot. While there are challenges that will be presented to participants; safety is of the utmost importance to Northern Rockies Fitness.

Two experienced guides will be present during the trip to provide support and knowledge. An In-Reach Satellite communication device will be carried which provides two-way messaging and contact to helicopter support in the unlikely event an emergency occurs, and a local helicopter company will be aware of our whereabouts for the duration of the trip.

The mentality of the group on a trip like this is to enjoy ourselves and the hike, to embrace the challenges and more importantly work together as a group with no person left behind or feeling as they are slowing down the group.

For full details, including packing lists, detailed itinerary, payment, and refund policy see the Full Itinerary PDF below.

Heart of the MacDonald 2022 – Itinerary

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Hourly Schedule

Day 1, Aug. 5, 2022

9:30 AM
Arrive at the Fort Nelson Rec Centre
In front of visitors centre.
10:00 AM
Drive To trailhead
11:30 AM
Arrive at trailhead MacDonald Valley & Start Safety Orientation
12:00 PM
Leaving Trailhead & Spending night in MacDonald Valley

Day 2, Aug. 6, 2022

9:00/10:00 AM
Day Hike – Destination will depend on weather.

Day 3, Aug. 2022

Day Hike – Destination will depend on weather.

Day 4, Aug. 8, 2022

9:00 AM
Trek home ~ Estimated time returning to the trailhead will be 1:00 – 3:00 PM


Aug 05 - 08 2022


All Day




Stone Mountain Provincial Park

Location 2



Jocelyn McDonald
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