Jocelyn McDonald

Owner. CEO. The face behind the screen. 

Jocelyn is the owner of Northern Rockies Fitness who will be guiding you all through the vast wilderness of North. She has been successfully guiding for over 7+ years now and has hosted many retreats in her career. Jocelyn spent her youth days exploring the Northern Rockies with her family. Eventually the childhood pursuit developed into a passion for remote wilderness travel. She is an outdoor enthusiast who thrives off of inspiring others to enjoy the great outdoors. Her mission is to provide an unforgettable wilderness experience for all our clients. She feels honored to show people how to gear up and head out into the wild for a couple days or even weeks at a time.

Not only does she do this business but takes care of this little boy named Wylder James. She knew when she had him it would be a wyld ride and she can say her biggest adventure is raising this mighty fine gentleman. Not only does she get to do what she loves but she gets to do it with a buddy by her side. He’s two and shows his love for the outdoors already as they raise their farm and family here in Buick Creek, BC. Together they’re unstoppable. 

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” 

Kayla Read

Hiking Guide. 



Kourtni Martina

Hiking Guide. 

Jessica Birt

Hiking Guide. Yoga Instructor. 

Laura Deschipper

Hiking Guide. Reiki Healer. Mediumship. 

Laura DeSchipper is an intuitive Reiki healer who will be sharing her love for the outdoors and providing one on one Reiki healing sessions with some retreats. Laura has her Masters in Usui Reiki and is also certified in Mediumship. She grew up in Toad River, BC and later moved to Fort St. John, BC where she currently resides with her husband, beautiful boys Ryder & Rowdy and fur baby Remi. She is passionate about the outdoors, hiking, snow shoeing, cooking and spending time with her friends and family. The mountains are where her heart is the happiest. She also enjoys cooking in remote hunting camps during the fall July – October in both British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Any day in the mountains is a good day.

“Just for today… I will not worry, I will not be angry, I will work honestly, I will be grateful, I will be kind to others.” Reiki Principles  

Joline Couture

Hiking Guide. 

The Tiedemann's

The Tiedemann Family. 

Owner and operator of Chisca River Adventures. Nestled in at Toad River, BC. This family has spent years in the wilderness. From guiding game to exploring as a family. They have over 35+ years in the guiding business and will be doing the Toad River Trail Rides & Adventures in the area. Homesteading in the North ain’t easy but this family does it with such grace. Growing up in the area they have a huge respect for the land as it’s their home.

Wayne Sawchuk

Wayne Sawchuk.

Wayne comes from a logging family, has a trap line on the Gataga River, and has spent his life on the land. For nearly four decades Wayne has led horse-back expeditions into BC’s Northern Rockies as a way to build awareness and support for this amazing wilderness. In the 1990s Wayne, along with many others, was instrumental in helping establish the 6.4 million hectare Muskwa-Kechika Management Area that now encompasses the northern Rockies, and he continues to advocate for the area’s protection today. Wayne will be hosting us for all the Muskwa Kechika Adventures. 


The dude that does it all. The protector. 


When you have a team like this, anything is possible! 

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